12 Spiritual Formation Markers

In My Year by The Journey Church

  1. An unwavering submission to the authority of, and pursuit of God in, the Scriptures
  2. A child-like dependence upon God in prayer
  3. A relentless devotion to making Christ the center of home life
  4. A contagious passion for people and the gospel, both locally and globally
  5. A commitment to being invested and tied to biblical community
  6. A not-of-this-world level of transparency through confession of sin and repentance
  7. A Christ-reflecting joy in serving others, inside and outside the church
  8. A kingdom-first kind of generosity with financial resources
  9. A go-the-extra-mile type of willingness to fight for unity in the church
  10. A genuine Christ-exalting, self-minimizing humility
  11. An abnormally compassionate heart of mercy, grace, and forgiveness toward others
  12. An absolute trust of God’s sovereignty through suffering

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