Hello and welcome to the 40 Days Journey Page. 40 Days Journey is the worship team that serves the Journey Church. We have over thirty people who serve on the team between musicians and tech. We seek to bring our congregation into worship each week. Stylistically, you will hear everything from traditional hymns to contemporary worship, like what you hear on the radio, each week.

As a worship team, we have certain things that we believe and adhere to. We believe that worship is a response to the saving work and grace of our Lord, Jesus. Worship is not, and should never be, just the “opening act” to the Sunday message. Worship is a lifestyle and Jesus plainly tells us this (John 4:19-24), as do His apostles, prophets & disciples in several passages throughout the New and Old Testaments. And when we worship through song, we should be seeking to bring God the glory due His name. It should be an act that stirs our hearts and affections for Him and humbles us as we stand before Him, proclaiming his never ending and matchless glory.

If you are interested in joining our team and would like more information on how we operate, please check out the TJC Worship Team Handbook provided below. You can then contact us at: admin@tjclive.com.

Download The Journey Worship Team Member Handbook

You can download a couple of tracks by 40 Days Journey here and listen to a lot more using the player on this page.