Welcome to The Journey Church

Why TJC Exsists

The Journey Church is fast growing church in Lebanon reaching people from all around Middle Tennessee. We are multigenerational and multiracial with folks from every social economic status.

We exist to show Jesus as incomparably glorious. We want to make him non-ignorable in Lebanon and beyond.

This means we live to show Jesus as more radiant and beautiful than most people comprehend. The church exists, in all we do, to put Jesus’ majesty and glory on display. How we worship, how we live, how we serve, how we give, are all ways in which we showcase Jesus.

Why go through all this trouble?

Because we believe everyone’s life would be better if Jesus were the center of it. So by showing Jesus as incomparably glorious we hope to see a radical reorientation of people’s lives on Jesus.

How We Do It

At The Journey Church, we ask people to reorient their lives around Jesus by:

  • celebrating the gospel in WORSHIP
  • applying the gospel in COMMUNITY
  • extending the gospel on MISSION

What That Looks Like

  • WORSHIP: Sunday morning gatherings
  • COMMUNITY: participation in a Gospel Community
  • MISSION: serving on a ministry team, participating in our local ministry to families with special needs children, joining us in our global ministry to a church in Haiti