The Paradox of Expressing True Love

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Read II Epistle of John In John’s second pastoral epistle, he expresses what seems to be a paradoxical call to the readers. He calls them to love and then tells the readers to not receive or even give a greeting to certain people. Wait, I think I am confused! Aren’t we to love everyone and accept them into our lives … Read More

Foundations: The Basics of Christianity

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Who, When, Where, What? Foundations is a 3 week class for people who are new to Christianity, want to learn the basics, and seek to better understand their own faith. Classes are November 8th, 15th, and 22nd at 9:30 or 11am in the car wash. Why attend TJC’s Foundations Class? Personally, I love teaching this class because I find so … Read More

Jesus is calling you to more!

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Acts 2 describes the beginning stages of the Church. So many amazing things happening, people hearing and sharing the gospel, lives are being transformed and hundreds and even thousands believing is Jesus every day. We also see a picture of believers living in biblical community and functioning as a body of believers should. What were they doing differently than we … Read More

Operation Baby Bowser (Part 3)

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The Pay Off The waiting game continued. It’s hard to go through the ups and downs of potentially being matched, then not, then potentially being matched again, then not. It may seem through reading this that we were constant pillars of faith and hope. The reality, however, was that we definitely had our fair share of bottom-dropping moments where we … Read More

Operation Baby Bowser (Part 2)

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The Process Once we received our “clear direction” from the Lord, we started gathering the necessary information in order to start our new adventure. We had contacted an adoption agency in Miami, Florida called Advocates for Children and Families and they began to walk us through the necessary steps. We get a lot of questions as to why we chose … Read More

Little More Talk

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There is a trend that has developed within American Christianity.The development is terrifying. What is it? The lessening of sin and dismissal of any such notion in the Bible that God deals with sinners. It seems the gospel message has become all about the love of God with the absence of any warnings and set standard which God upholds. The … Read More

Do What The Hypocrites Tell You

Erik ReedCulture1 Comment

There is a lot of accusation today that Christians are hypocrites. There is some truth to this charge at times. After all, Christians proclaim truths that they cannot perfectly live out. In that sense, Christians are hypocrites. In that sense, everyone who has any ideals or values is a hypocrite because nobody can live out their ideals perfectly. Nobody is … Read More

The Gospel Of Sin Management

Erik ReedTheology1 Comment

Sin is an ever-lurking, ever-consuming aspect of human existence. We sin as naturally as we breath. I am not applauding this fact, but merely stating the truth as it exists. We may want to sin less. In fact, if we are followers of Jesus, we should want to sin no more. But the way we view our sin will have … Read More

Operation Baby Bowser (Part 1)

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(In the words of Sean Bowser) Why We Did It Many people don’t realize that we had a hard time getting pregnant with Amara. We had been trying for almost two years before we finally were able to conceive. In fact, at that time, after months and months of unsuccessful fertility treatments, we had been told that our only shot … Read More