Advancing the Kingdom of God

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The idea of Advancing the Kingdom can be described as the work of God in which we are participating everyday of our lives.  God’s earthly Kingdom is always with us.  No matter what, God’s Kingdom is always advancing toward His appointed time for His Heavenly … Read More

Jesus is calling you to more!

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Acts 2 describes the beginning stages of the Church. So many amazing things happening, people hearing and sharing the gospel, lives are being transformed and hundreds and even thousands believing is Jesus every day. We also see a picture of believers living in biblical community … Read More

Operation Baby Bowser (Part 3)

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The Pay Off The waiting game continued. It’s hard to go through the ups and downs of potentially being matched, then not, then potentially being matched again, then not. It may seem through reading this that we were constant pillars of faith and hope. The … Read More

Operation Baby Bowser (Part 2)

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The Process Once we received our “clear direction” from the Lord, we started gathering the necessary information in order to start our new adventure. We had contacted an adoption agency in Miami, Florida called Advocates for Children and Families and they began to walk us … Read More

Little More Talk

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There is a trend that has developed within American Christianity.The development is terrifying. What is it? The lessening of sin and dismissal of any such notion in the Bible that God deals with sinners. It seems the gospel message has become all about the love … Read More

Do What The Hypocrites Tell You

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There is a lot of accusation today that Christians are hypocrites. There is some truth to this charge at times. After all, Christians proclaim truths that they cannot perfectly live out. In that sense, Christians are hypocrites. In that sense, everyone who has any ideals … Read More

The Gospel Of Sin Management

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Sin is an ever-lurking, ever-consuming aspect of human existence. We sin as naturally as we breath. I am not applauding this fact, but merely stating the truth as it exists. We may want to sin less. In fact, if we are followers of Jesus, we … Read More