Denying Gravity While Falling From The Sky

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The last several weeks have been quite entertaining. Taking into consideration I am a fan of going to the symphony, getting lost in a book store, watching a dude get “Ezekiel” choked out after a sweep, and hockey, you can safely say my definition of entertainment is broad. Perhaps the better word would be “revealing.” We had the big reveal … Read More

Fighting Within Marriage

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Every married couple will have arguments. There are several reasons why we fight with one another: 1. because the other one is always wrong  2. because both people are sinners 3. because both people are different from one another 4. because both people are sinners (did I mention this one already?). As a couple or married, you are different from one … Read More

Gospel Shaded Glasses

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The gospel of Jesus Christ is a message that we know the world needs to hear. With the gospel message serving such a place of importance and primacy in our faith, we must become skilled in it understanding it, seeing it, and explaining it. One of the ways that we can begin to grow in our gospel understanding is to … Read More