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What does it mean to be Redeemed

In Blog, Theology by Anthony Knight

Article written by: Darren Welch TJC Men’s Ministry Leader In today’s digital-minded world, when we see the word redeem we might think of the process of redeeming a gift card or a promo code to make a purchase either online or at a store. This …

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Questions to ask yourself about giving

In Blog, Finances, Theology by The Journey Church

Giving…the subject that no one wants to address in churches. Pastors are shy to speak about it, and church attenders do not really want to hear about it. However, scripture is pretty clear that giving is an area where we are all called to be …

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The Gospel Of Sin Management

In Theology by Erik Reed1 Comment

Sin is an ever-lurking, ever-consuming aspect of human existence. We sin as naturally as we breath. I am not applauding this fact, but merely stating the truth as it exists. We may want to sin less. In fact, if we are followers of Jesus, we …