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Weekend Services

Saturday at 4:15 or 5:45pm
Sunday at 8:45 or 10:15am

In each of our weekend services, we receive an offering, so feel free to add your gift as the basket passes by.

Messages About Finances

April 26, 2015 – Rock or Sand Series

Only One Master & Treasure Pt. 2
September 14, 2014 – Church Life Series 

Only One Master & Treasure
September 7, 2014 – Church Life Series 

Percentage Giving Chart

Need help with the math? Take a look at the chart below to see how much you would give monthly to meet your desired percentage giving goal based on your annual income.
Annual Income4%6%8%10%12%

Dave Ramsey’s Every Dollar Free Budget
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9 Marks of a Generous Giver

Author: The Gospel Coalition

  1. You see your role as a steward.
  2. You first give locally.
  3.  You begin giving to kingdom causes.
  4. You give sacrificially.
  5. You know God loves a cheerful giver.
  6. Your giving is marked by (mostly) secret generosity.
  7. You give consistently.
  8. Your giving is tax-smart.
  9. You have a trustee mindset.

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