You Belong in Community!

Gospel Communities are designed to show Jesus as incomparably glorious by cultivating disciple-making disciples, seeking to live on mission, and being a smaller family extension of The Journey Church.

GC’s gather together, regularly at various times and homes and in contact with each other seven days a week. We seek to orient all of life around Christ, by speaking truth to one another and being on mission to the area as collective groups.

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How to connect with a Gospel Community?


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We encourage all those interested in attending a Gospel Community to attend our Growth Track class. This class will help you learn about what a Gospel Community looks like and will provide some simple steps for getting you connected to the life of TJC.

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Celebrating your Gospel Community 

Hey TJC family, take 5 min. to tell us what your GC is celebrating by clicking on the link below! How are people showing Jesus as incomparably glorious in your GC? How is your GC pursuing the lost?

Gospel Community FAQ

Why should I connect to a GC?

Christ calls us to grow in maturity (Col. 1). We learn to follow, trust, and obey Jesus in the everyday things of life with others. Being a part of a class or attending a service once a week are a part of the discipleship process, but alone are insufficient. To fully mature in Christ, we need to be encouraged daily with the gospel by those in our community. Our lives need to be visible to others around us, specifically those in a GC.

What is a GC?

GCs are TJC’s main route for consistent discipleship. They will provide you with an environment of biblical community, designed for maturing in your relationship with God, evidenced by studying the scripture, praying, declaring and demonstrating the gospel together. 

When & where do GCs meet?

A GC meets on various nights of the week, at a host home, led by trained leaders.

How often does a GC meet?

A GC meets weekly and remain in contact throughout the week.

Why is attending on Sundays not enough?

Christ died for The Church or the body of believers and calls us to grow each other up into full maturation. Christ did not die for us to only attend the Sunday church service 2 hours a week. He wants all of life to come underneath Him. Trying out a GC is a next step to bringing the everyday stuff of life under Christ together with other believers. 

Will I be put on the spot to pray out loud or what if I don’t know an answer to a question?

You will not be asked to answer a question or pray aloud unless you are comfortable with doing so. We want to alleviate all anxieties in this category surrounding GCs. Bottom line, we do not want to provide any barriers for you to be a part of a GC. 

What if I’m an introvert?

1 Corinthians 12 and Psalm 139 make two important points for those of us who are introverts. God has perfectly made you and reminds us that every believer brings something to the body of believers in a GC.

Are there any pre-qualifications for being in a GC?

Absolutely not, come as you are. Our GCs are for the believer, non-believer, and seeker. We strive to make our GC gatherings welcoming to anyone coming.

Does TJC have affinity groups (singles, coupes only, etc)?

No, all of our GCs are diverse, because we feel this best represents the Kingdom of God. (For those highly interested, we have “Yvieta Ulmer’s Women’s Group and Kim Working’s Men’s Group”).

Does TJC provide outlets for men’s and women’s ministries?

Yes, women gather on the second Saturday of each month for “Called to Bless” and the men gather for “RECON” on a quarterly basis.

Does a GC eat dinner together?

Yes, we encourage this because food is a commonality between believers and non-believers, and often times allows for great conversations over the dinner table.

Is it OK to visit a few GCs before fully committing?

Yes, visit as many GCs as you would like, before committing to one. All of our GCs are welcome to newcomers and visitors. Bottom line, we want the people of TJC connected, based on which GC works best for them. 

What if I have a previous engagement that would keep me from attending consistently?

No worries, bottom line we want you to be a part of community centered on the gospel, even if that means you miss a GC gathering here or there.  

Where can I learn about the different GCs available?

You can view all GCs and leader info on this webpage:

How do I connect to a GC?

We encourage all those interested in attending a Gospel Community to attend our Growth Track class. This class will help you learn about what a Gospel Community looks like and will provide some simple steps for getting connected. Learn more about Growth Track by clicking here

Who do I contact if I have a question about GCs?

You can contact for any further questions.