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Bible Study:
Saturdays 4:00 pm and Sundays 9:30 am

Our students meet weekly for Wednesday Night Service, grades 6th to 12th, for a fun night with games, activities and an inspiring message. Bible Study is offered during the 1st services at our weekend gatherings. Meet in the lobby in the designated area to attend Bible Study.

We encourage your students to attend the 2nd worship service on Saturday or Sunday and join us for a bible study during the 1st service. Our students will be using Explore The Bible material and will begin with the book of Genesis. Our student ministry leadership team is excited to provide this opportunity and look forward to seeing our students grow in their faith.

TJC Student Worship Service
Wednesday nights at the Journey Church from 6:00-7:30

Wednesday Night
Wednesdays at 6:00 pm

Student Ministry is an opportunity for our high-school students to engage in relevant discussion about what’s going on in the lives of teenagers and how that fits in line with what God wants from them. Just as in every setting at The Journey, the Gospel is the central focus. Your students will be engaged and challenged, as well as have the opportunity to build lasting friendships with the other students.

During that time our students enjoy:

  • Food and fellowship
  • Games and recreation
  • Relevant teaching
We plan regular events for our students that give them an opportunity to invite their friends to experience fun in the context of gospel community. We also plan events that allow our students to serve both in the community as well as abroad. Summer camp is a major event in our student ministry. We see this as an opportunity for students to experience Christ in an environment that is geared toward the gospel.


  1. To engage students where they are, regardless of race, background, or religious experience, to help them walk with God.
  2. To set forth the Bible as our authority and guide for seeking the truth, knowing God, understanding the gospel, and living our lives.
  3. To treat students like intelligible individuals who are capable and competent to understand and learn the Bible.
  4. To equip students to think biblically in a world that, not only fails to but rejects the idea.
  5. To lovingly set forth answers to life’s difficult questions.
  6. To teach students how to engage with other students about Christ, including those who are hostile toward Christianity.
  7. To show students how to fellowship with God through Scripture study and prayer.