Global Missions

John Piper says that “Missions exists because worship does not.” We seek to leave the comfort of our homes and lives to engage in helping other peoples be satisfied in Jesus.  We go to the nations to show Jesus as incomparably glorious above all things in this world.

At TJC, our global mission focus is Port De Paix, Haiti. We have partnered with a local church in Port De Paix through the Haiti Collective to equip and train the church and its leaders for gospel ministry and advancement in Haiti. We make multiple trips per year to this location and have a long-term commitment to partnership and relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Haiti.

Our trips include: orphan VBS, leadership training and development, evangelism, medical screenings, as well as other opportunities.

The Haiti Collective

Upcoming Trips

If you are interested in participating in future trips, please email Janine Flier ( to receive more details.

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Child Sponsorship Program

TJC launched the child sponsorship program with the Haiti collective in September 2015.

Every child we sponsor is cared for by a local Haitian church. This means each child is not only given practical love and care, but they are also taught a biblical world view by leaders who live under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

In addition to ministering to the needs of one specific child, your sponsorship will also minister to a community of children and the church that cares for them. We have structured our sponsorship program to avoid creating “have’s” and “have-not’s” among the children. A portion of your support benefits the child individually and a portion benefits the group of children cared for by the church. The child you sponsor will receive a uniform for school, books and school supplies, access to medical care, nutritious meals, and shelter. A portion of your sponsorship will be used to pay for teachers and educational resources to  provide education for your sponsored child as well as the larger group of children.

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