New Heaven & Earth

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Preparing For Where We Are Going

When we plan on traveling to a new city, state, or maybe even a new country, and if we are smart, we will spend time learning and studying the new area. We will research popular restaurants, main attractions, and even the weather. It is not likely for us to show up at a new city with little understanding; however, when it comes to Heaven, many professing Christians plan to go to a place where we have very little understanding. We’re blind to the details God has shown us in scripture.

In our 4th week of our Heaven and Hell series, we discussed the New Creation and our inhabitant of it. We should long for Christ to bring His kingdom down on this Earth because this is where we are going to spend eternity. Our preparation for this New Earth and New Heaven first starts with our faith with Him. In order to long for Heaven, we must make sure we are worthy enough to be citizens of Heaven. This is not done by our works but by our faith. Our faith determines where we will spend eternity, so we must place everything we have in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. Our next preparation is done by studying the details God has revealed to us about Heaven. This study creates a multitude of questions for us Christians. A very important verse that is necessary to keep in mind as we explore all the characteristics of Heaven is:

“The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.”

Deuteronomy 29:29

We will not know every detail about Heaven, but it is a worthy task to explore the things God has revealed to us in His word.

Popular Questions About Heaven

Here are some popular questions asked about Heaven. Click on the link below to hear the answers to help prepare your mind on what Heaven will be like.

  • Is Heaven a physical place?
  • Will there be continuity between this life and life in Heaven?
  • Will there be activities in Heaven or will Heaven be a continuous worship service?
  • Will there be animals in Heaven?
  • Will there be bodies of water in Heaven?
  • Will we automatically know everything when we get to Heaven?
  • Will we remember past relationships?
  • Is there marriage in Heaven?
  • Will we always be physically present with Jesus in Heaven?

I’m sure these questions have circled through our minds throughout our Christian lives. Some of these questions are hidden and some are more clear. At the end, we will figure everything out and every idea of Heaven will be blown away when we finally enter into our wonderful dwelling place. One day, God’s dwelling place will be with man (Revelation 21:3). Until that day, let us make sure our hearts are longing for His return.

Click link for full sermon and to hear Pastor Erik Reed’s viewpoints on the previous questions.