NEW Sunday Service Times

The Journey ChurchUpdates

A 3rd Sunday service time will be added starting September 24! That will mean TJC has 5 services total! It’s exciting to see God move at TJC! Make sure you pick a serve team if you attend on Sundays and mark your calendar for the new times. Each one of us plays a part in God’s mission for TJC in our community. Will you help by Saying Yes to a serve team?

In light of the new service, Student Minstry will meet for Bible Study during the 2nd service, 9:30am and Growth Track will meet during the 3rd service, 10:45am.

New Worship Times for Sunday are:

8:15, 9:30, and 10:45am

Thank you for being flexible for the purpose of serving others in our community. God is glorified in the smallest sacrifices and we are excited to see change within the hearts of His people.