Safety, Encouragement, and the Gospel are what I found in Gospel Community

In Blog by Brady Plunk

Lydia Biggerstaff knew she wanted to be a part of a community at TJC because she had really enjoyed the weekend services. She wanted to be a part of a community for continued growth and connection. However, before she was consistently involved in a Gospel Community (GC), she dealt with a number of insecurities that kept her from fully connecting to a community.

Lydia noted, “I was younger, so naturally I felt somewhat apprehensive about joining a community that had several couples, even though there were other singles in the community like myself.” Simultaneously, she felt like she was not as spiritually strong and was timid about sharing her thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the scriptures as the group discussed the good news of Jesus.

Despite insecurities, she still chose to connect and press into the community and trust God’s sovereignty.

To a pleasant surprise, after gathering a few times in community, many, if not all of her insecurities were quickly put to an end. “My age and stage of life did not create any kind of awkward or weird vibes with me connecting and enjoying the group. They treated me like family by really getting to know and love me as a part of their Gospel Community” said Lydia.

Lydia explains how she was encouraged in Christ, “I have been encouraged with the gospel to pursue and abide more fully in Christ. I am spurred on to experience more joy, satisfaction, and humility in Christ, as they have modeled the same to me.” As a result of the Gospel Community and TJC as a whole “I want to talk to Him every day. I want to read more about Him everyday. I want others to know what I know now. I thank God every day for these people.”

Lydia expresses a similar joy as she abides in Christ via community that we see in John 15:11, “These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.”

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