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Delight Yourself in Community

In Blog, Community by Tim Lance0 Comments

What do you desperately desire? Have you ever pondered your earthly desires?  I have and they have included money, wife, new house, big house, new truck, old truck, new job, old job, kids, education, friends, positive attitude, etc. Humans are naturally bent towards desire. Our …

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Living in a Spiritual Community

In Church Life by James Ulmer0 Comments

Have you ever heard of the phrase “No man is an island, entire of its self. “? It was penned in a poem by John Donne, who was a Christian. It basically means a person cannot thrive in isolation from others.  Yet, we live in a …

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I Found.. Home

In Christ, Church Life, TJC Stories by The Journey Church0 Comments

We asked TJC attenders to describe in one word what they’ve found by coming to The Journey Church.  “I Found” is a collection of stories based off of those words.  Over the next 3 weeks be on the look out for our blog series, I …