TJC Kid’s & Bridger’s Update

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Dear Parents,

I’m excited to be a big part of TJC’s Kids Ministry. I believe our children are God’s
greatest gift! Here are some updates that have taken place in Kid’s Ministry at our
church to ensure each child’s safety and spiritual growth.

  • If a child’s parent needs to be contacted during one of our services, we will text the
    primary mobile number as our first effort of communication. If a parent does not respond
    to the text, we will try to locate the parent in the auditorium. If we are unable to see the
    parent in the auditorium, we will flash the parent security number of the child on the
    front screen. (We use flashing the parent number on the screen as a last resort. Trying
    to minimize any distractions to those listening to the message.)
  • Bridger’s will no longer begin services in the auditorium during worship. Starting this
    weekend, they will begin services in their classroom. Please make sure your child is
    checked in through our TJC Kid’s Check-in stations.
  • To eliminate distractions and steward our time with each child well, we will no longer
    accept children in classrooms more than 15 minutes late. (There will be an exception for
    first time visitors.) Children will have to go to the auditorium with their parents.
  • This weekend, May 6th and 7th will be a parent meeting for all children going to or interested in going to CentriKid Camp this summer. We will meet in the Bridger’s room in between services.
    CentriKid Camp is June 26th-30th. A $50 deposit will hold your child’s spot for camp. All
    information regarding camp will be discussed at this meeting.
  • Child Dedications will be June 3rd and 4th. Sign-up here.

Laurie DiCicco
TJC Kids Ministry Director