Trials of Life are Just Wedgies!

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So life has thrown you a few wedgies!
Or in a more colloquially pictorial thought: “What’s got your panties in a wad?”

“What’s happening up on the street, just don’t seem right brothers & sisters, but it is evident that I am suppose to be in the groove of it all. No matter which way I turn something smacks right up against my face. This here life seems to be a bit harsh, if you get my word on it. The Lord, seems to be laying down that I am to be walking the talk in the midst of my chaos, but I’d rather be cussing the stuff that blinds my eyes to doing my own thang. So back tracking is the path to dealing with the chaos. Pulling toward the One who has the answers. Bulling my way through the stuff, just ain’t going to get it. Time to get it right.” James 1:2-4 JLU translation

Often I have heard it said that God does not tempt us, but He sure found a way to test our character. When we go through the trials of life, they are testing our fortitude in Christ. Will we look at the trials of life as our path of learning? Or will we curse them and blunder through and hope that those troubling circumstances will go away? The Apostle James saw that trials were simple testings of our faith. Testings that should bring great joy, because in and through them, Christ reigns supremely and those going through them will “go on to complete a balanced character that will fall short of nothing.” 1:4 ( New English Bible )

So got a few wedgies? Allow those circumstances to be the testing ground of your faith and walk in Christ!

-Elder James Ulmer


  1. Thank you for this….I needed to read this today!!! Somehow God always knows what we need and when! He is GOOD!!

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