Download 100 Daily Devotionals

Here at the Journey Church we exist to show Christ as incomparably glorious. In doing so, we want our people to have an unwavering submission to the authority of, and pursuit of God in the Scriptures. The spiritual discipline to stay diligent in reading and meditating on the Word of God is something most Christians struggle with. Satan uses the busyness of our schedules and our tired flesh to hinder us from having a consistent devotional life in the Word. These devotionals are meant to help those who struggle to figure out where and what they want to read. Instead of waking up in the morning and not knowing where to start, these devotionals can be a starting place. Instead of coming home from a long day of work weary and tired, take a few moments to allow these devotions to be the music to your soul, giving you the spirit to make Christ the center of your home life.

For the next few months, Monday through Friday, there will be a new devotion on scriptures all throughout the New Testament that Jesus proclaimed. In other words, every devotion over the next few months will be based off of the words of our Lord and Savior! The content for these devotions were written by godly leaders throughout our church who desire to see spiritual growth in our church.

We pray these devotionals are an aid to help you in your bible reading. We encourage you not to let these be your only means of pursuing God in the scriptures but an extra gift of grace to help you build your life on the Word of God.