A night when un-believers come knocking at your door—Halloween.

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Halloween is THE only day of the year where masses of unbelievers walk up to your front doorstep and ring your door bell. What can you do to take advantage of this opportunity to show Jesus as incomparably glorious?

Don’t think you have to hand out tracts or pray with each person that knocks on your door. Keep it intentional and simple by considering these easy tips:

1. Give out the best candy. You will be the most popular house on the block!

2. Think about the parents. Setup a table with coffee or cider to hand out to all the adults. The hot drink in hand creates a commonality between yourself and the parent, providing the opportunity to converse and share stories.

3. Burn stuff. Bring the fire pit to the front yard to create a space for gathering and conversation.

4. Have fun. Make your yard/house a destination for parents or kids. Get the corn hole boards out, rent an inflatable, crank some music and set out some chairs. After the trick or treating is over, be a place for everyone to gather and hang out until the night is done.

5. Go TO the party. If you don’t have neighbors or a party around you, join up with someone in your group and do Halloween in their community.

These tips are designed to get you thinking about ways to meet new people and live on mission. It’s too easy in our culture to walk past people and stay to ourselves. Jesus was constantly interested in meeting new folks and sharing life with them. He embodied the idea of living a life on mission, no matter the day, perhaps even a day like Halloween.

Personal goal: Make it your goal to meet someone new. Make an introduction and open a door that you can build upon later. Ask the Spirit to guide the opportunities and conversations.

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