Trey Ethridge

Pastor of Campus Development

Beth Bowman

Executive Director

Tim Lance

Executive Pastor of Development

Brady Plunk

Mobilization Pastor

Brett Perkins

Worship Pastor

Anthony Knight

Teaching Pastor

Larry Davis

Student Ministry Director

Laurie DiCicco

Lebanon Kid’s Director

Becca DePolitte

MJ Kid’s Dir. / Discipleship & Assimilation Assistant

John Hogan

Technical Production Director

Janette Dorris

Central Coordinator



TJC is an elder led church. Biblically, the elders are responsible for the shepherding, protection, and oversight of the church, while meeting the qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. At TJC, the overall policy, control, direction and management of the ministry, and finances shall be vested in the Elder body. The elders delegate and assign the task of operations, strategy, and execution of vision and policy to the staff, while maintaining oversight.

To contact elders, email

Pastor Erik Reed

Scott Marlow

Tim Lance

Mike Sherwood

Matt Espenshade

Chris Townson

Office Info: 615-547-7070 |