Receive Care

At The Journey Church, we care about what is going on in your life. We want to walk with you through life’s joys and hardships. This happens best in the context of our Gospel Communities (GC’s). Most of the day-to-day care situations within TJC occur and are handled within our GC’s. This includes things like encouragement, meal trains, hospital visits, prayer support, the wisdom and compassion of godly friends, and more. We encourage you to reach out to your GC leader first if you have a need. If you are not involved in a GC or are in need of additional care there are various ways below that you can let us know how we can help. 

Different Types of Care:

  1. Pre-marital Care/Counseling (TJC Pre-Marital Counseling)
  2. Prayer Request (TJC Prayer Request)
  3. Financial Care/Benevolence (Please Call the Church Office)
  4. Care/Counseling Requests (TJC Counseling/Care Request)

Our primary caregivers are our deacons. Upon requesting care, someone from our deacon team will reach out to you.


If you have a question, are unsure of how to best communicate a need, or want to let us know of someone else in need you can email us at