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Confidence through Confessional Creeds

In Apologetics, Blog by Walker Woods

 Confidence through Confessional Creeds TJC Apologetics: Walker Woods     What we truly believe shapes who we are and how we conduct ourselves within the walls of the church and in our daily interactions with the world. Our presuppositions, the things that we hold as truth above …

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The Christian Worldview 

In Apologetics, Blog by Nick Judd

The Christian Worldview  Nick Judd What is a worldview? I think Greg Bahnsen provides us with an apt definition:  “Everybody has what can be called a “worldview,” a perspective in terms of which they see everything and understand their perceptions and feelings. A worldview is …

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Judge Not

In Apologetics, Blog by John Page

Judge Not As much as social media can be a reflection of overall American society, two words from Matthew 7:1 (“Judge not”) have replaced John 3:16 as the best-known scripture among non-believers. However, according to Bible Gateway (, Matthew 7:1 isn’t even among the top …

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What does it mean to be Redeemed

In Blog, Theology by Anthony Knight

Article written by: Darren Welch Men’s Ministry Leader In today’s digital-minded world, when we see the word redeem we might think of the process of redeeming a gift card or a promo code to make a purchase either online or at a store. This word redeem can …