The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our church, our community, and our world in unprecedented ways. Ministry and care look very different today than they did two weeks ago. Nonetheless, this does not change our commitment to shepherding the TJC body. Below you will find a few new updates. We hope the information included in this email is helpful as we navigate new normals together.

Worship and Discipleship
Resources have been added and updated on the website in preparation for Sunday services. Our Call to Worship, Song lyrics, The Apostle’s Creed, Communion Guide, Ministry specific resources for kids, students, and families, and more will all be in a downloadable PDF format. As you are watching the Sunday service on Facebook Live, we would love for you to post a selfie of you watching the service in the comment section. It’s a special way to worship as one church body in our homes at the same time. The start time for our Sunday service on Facebook Live is 10:02am. Hopefully the unusual time makes it easy to remember.

Disaster Relief
From day one, TJC has been a part of the community effort to respond to those in need as a result of the recent tornado. We have been able to serve our TJC family, multiple families at West Wilson Middle School, and Lebanon and Mt. Juliet communities as a whole. We want to continue serving those in need, and we need your help. If you are healthy and able, you can join the TJC disaster relief efforts by contacting Brady Plunk at or (615) 580-0978. You will serve in groups of 10 or less.
We have also added a disaster relief section to our Connect Card. You can let us know if you have needs, want to serve, or have an opportunity for TJC to love our neighbors.

Moving and Renovations
We are in a unique season of transition with our building. By contract, we have to be out of our current building at 212 Leeville Pike by April 7th. We also have to finish renovations at the new building at 1240 Leeville Pike so that building is ready for us to gather in person when the time is appropriate. We want to honor the 10 person or less recommendation that the CDC has most recently given. We understand that many do not feel comfortable gathering in person during the COVID-19 pandemic. We respect that decision. If you are a person who is comfortable in a group of 10 people or less, not sick or symptomatic; we have opportunities for you to serve in very short periods of time over the next couple of weeks.

To help with moving, please contact Tim Lance at or (615) 364-0754.
To help with renovations, please contact Beth Bowman at or (615) 476-8192 or Janette Dorris at or (615) 618-4349.

Decision Making and Cancellations
TJC has cancelled all gatherings and events through April 5th.
The Elders will cancel services in two week blocks rather than a long stretch of time. This allows TJC to resume meeting quicker as information is available that the curve is flattening on COVID-19.

For His Glory,
TJC Elders and Staff