Denying Gravity While Falling From The Sky

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The last several weeks have been quite entertaining. Taking into consideration I am a fan of going to the symphony, getting lost in a book store, watching a dude get “Ezekiel” choked out after a sweep, and hockey, you can safely say my definition of entertainment is broad. Perhaps the better word would be “revealing.”

We had the big reveal of Bruce Jenner declaring to be a “woman” now going by Caitlyn Jenner. Then we witnessed the Rachel Dolezal hoopla. There has been a lot of revealing.

Perhaps the biggest reveal of all has been the culture’s inability to remain standing upright on the branch it keeps sawing off. In the case of Jenner, he was lauded as a hero. The facts remain that Jenner is a man. He has XY chromosomes. He is a man. A hurting, hopelessly confused, man. Feelings trump science.

The irony, as only God can sovereignly produce, is that Rachel Dolezal offered the same line of reasoning for her choice of posing as black. She identifies as black. But that answer was not sufficient for Matt Lauer, who while interviewing her, continued to press her about what color she was. What color her father is. Was she caucasian? Noticeably missing from the interview with “Caitlyn” Jenner was any pressing questions on whether “she” was the father of his children or the mother or whether Jenner was now the son or daughter of his parents.

One thing revealed in this is that sex and gender freedom are of the highest value in our culture. Racial freedom has not reached that status. In the case of race, science trumps feelings. This is completely arbitrary, but it is revealing. Jenner gets the praise. Dolezal gets the pink slip – though I am sure Jenner would love both.

There is another thing revealed which is our inability as humans, created in the image of God, to avoid making moral judgments and claims, no matter how inconsistent we are in doing so. The following quote was posted by somebody on Facebook, being completely serious and unaware of the contradiction, about the problem with “outspoken moralists,” though what I’m sure he meant to say was “Christians.” He says,

“I’ve always had a deep distrust for outspoken moralists. Good people teach others how to be good by their actions. Those that rail on about what is wrong and what we shouldn’t do are almost invariably exposed as the most disgusting types of people.” Trying to deny a universal morality is convenient so long as you don’t open your mouth. It is like trying to deny gravity while falling from the sky.

No matter how badly folks want to erase all those Christian moralists from making truth claims about right and wrong, they reveal it is not moral claims their against, but claims that go against their morals. They are free now. Nobody should make or impose moral claims on others, that is unless they see you getting out of line.


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