Foundations: The Basics of Christianity

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Who, When, Where, What?

Foundations is a 3 week class for people who are new to Christianity, want to learn the basics, and seek to better understand their own faith.

Classes are November 8th, 15th, and 22nd at 9:30 or 11am in the car wash.

Why attend TJC’s Foundations Class?

Personally, I love teaching this class because I find so much enjoyment in sharing the Gospel with adults who are eager to learn more about Jesus.  I came to faith in my 30’s and there’s something special about God taking someone older, whose set in their beliefs and ideologies and completely transforming their lives and eternities by revealing himself to them.

My goal for the class is always very simple: for everyone to understand the truth, from Scriptures, of what is essential and non-negotiable as to what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is, and what makes one a Christian.  That whether that person chooses to submit their life to Christ, or chooses to reject the offer of Grace through Christ, they are doing so based on Biblical truth and fact, and not on personal presuppositions and false beliefs.
-Jeff Bode

Topics Covered:

  • How do we know the Bible is God’s Word?
  • How do we know who God is?
  • How can man be made right with God?
  • Why is the cross of Jesus so important?
  • Did Jesus really come back to life from the dead?
  • What is the relationship between my faith and my actions in the eyes of God?


For me those classes provided my first “ah-ha” moment when it came to God’s love and sacrifice for us. Although I could usually follow the sermons, the classes really helped me to open my mind and eyes to the Bible and see it in a whole new light. They’ve helped me to look to my fellow church members for advice or their thoughts when having a question on a piece of scripture that I maybe struggling with, which has flowed into my everyday and small group life. I walked into that class knowing what God did for me but when it was over I could feel what His sacrifice has done for me, which grew a fire inside of me to want to learn and love more in such a way that I could attempt to show God’s grace and mercy for us.  Don’t let feelings of fear or anxiety hold you back from ever growing in the Word. You may feel nervous going into a group setting but when you feel the sense of community and growth that you can get from this class you will leave ready for the next one.

– Shane Meyers


The class I attended that Jeff Bode led was great! Like the other instruction I have encountered at TJC, he peeled back the layers and gave new meaning to the Word that previously I lacked understanding. The class opened my eyes to the real meaning of what is written instead of me reading, scratching my head, not understanding and just skipping along through the text. When meaning and understanding are applied to the Word a relationship is developed because what is written is not some foreign language from long ago, it is about people, just like me, that have essentially the same struggles I have today. That makes it even more real and brings it home. The more I read and understand, the more I want to read and understand.

I think attending these classes is important not only for the increase knowledge and understanding but also to build relationships with other members of the church.  As our church continues to reach out to more people and our attendance increases, these classes and small groups provide a great way for people to get involved, meet others, and build confidence.  The realization that others, just like me, have questions, lack understanding, and are just not quite connecting the dots really helps to let your guard down and open up.  These classes provide an opportunity for discussion and asking questions that in a larger setting people may feel intimidated and may not participate.

– Bill Massen

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