Golden Ticket Story: Cheryl LoGalbo

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For The Journey Church’s 10 year anniversary we presented some of our members with a GOLDEN TICKET. This ticket was traded in for $100 and they were instructed to #PayItForward then tell us their story. Here is how Cheryl LoGalbo choose to #PayItForward.

There is a gentleman who attends The Journey Church who lost his wife a few months ago, and Tom Loftis introduced us to him. After his wife died, his step son kicked him out of his house, and he had to find a place to live. He is currently living in a camper trailer in Lebanon.
He owns a sign company, and I wanted a license plate done up for my truck.  So, I asked him to do it for me. He would never answer when I asked how much it would be. We eat breakfast with him just about every Sunday, and after a while I knew he would not take any money from me. I was talking to my kids about this and they suggested to pay him $100.00. I had no idea where that amount came from.
Weeks went by. Then one Sunday morning he comes in, tells me he has the license plate done, and he will give it to me after church. Alanna shot me a look of surprise and whispers, “Do you have the $100.00?” I did not have the money. My stomach just sank because now what do I do?
We all walk into church, sit down, and Pastor Erik comes on stage holding up a bulletin and said only 4 people in the first service have a bulletin with a golden ticket in it.  As I looked in my bulletin I noticed a golden ticket. Both of my kids looked at me in shock and by now I have tears in my eyes and David is smiling. We instantly knew exactly what to do with the gift card. Both of my kids said, “That was a God thing.”  Now I know where the dollar amount came from. (God uses my kids all the time to teach me and help build my faith).

So, now we can’t wait to get the plates from him. He gives me the plate, and we were all so excited to see it. The plate was actually Rhonda’s idea. (It’s really cool how all of us got to be a part of this deal) While all of us were admiring the plate, I pulled out the gift card.  I explained to him how my kids wanted to give him $100, and how God had provided that. Of course he didn’t want to accept it, but I told him he had to because God used my kids for this, and I don’t want to take that away from them. He got teary eyed and accepted it. What an emotional day for us all.

If you have been following along with the current series Filthy Rich by participating in the challenge, then share with us your #PayItForward story!

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