Golden Ticket Story: Amber Davis

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For The Journey Church’s 10 year anniversary we presented some of our members with a GOLDEN TICKET. This ticket was traded in for $100 and they were instructed to #PayItForward then tell us their story. Here is how Amber Davis choose to #PayItForward.

Beth is my neighbor down the street, and her daughter is Paisley, who is probably 10-11 now (Beth is also my son Eli’s piano teacher).  Paisley has a rare disease that, if no cure is found or God chooses to heal her completely, will take her life sometime in the next few years.  This disease affects her organs and causes her a lot of pain and discomfort, yet she never complains about it.  She cannot go to school because she doesn’t have the endurance, so school comes to her at home.  

Her parents are wonderful people who I met when selling them a home in our neighborhood over 10 years ago.  Paisley was just a few months old when I met her, and she has an older brother named Parker who was only 5 years old when I met them.  As I thought about what to do with my golden ticket, Beth and Paisley came immediately to mind, and here’s why.  If there was one thing that I could do today, it would be to scoop up Sadie one more time and take her out for a mother/daughter date.  I would take her to eat wherever she wanted to go and do whatever she wanted to do for fun afterward.  We would shop and play, laugh and cuddle and have a blast.  Obviously, I won’t get to do that here with Sadie, but it blesses my heart to think that maybe I could give that gift to someone else who I know will appreciate it dearly.

So, Beth and Paisley received the gift cards to cover their mother/daughter evening of fun.  They had dinner at Jonathan’s Grille, followed by a little girly shopping at Justice.  Add to that a movie, and then on to the new Juice Bar to wash it all down.

It is my prayer that this special time together did their hearts as much good as I know it has done my heart.  So thank you, TJC, for blessing all of us with love and joy!  And probably a few tears, too!

If you have been following along with the current series Filthy Rich by participating in the challenge, then share with us your #PayItForward story!

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