You Belong in Community!

Gospel Communities are designed to show Jesus as incomparably glorious by cultivating disciple-making disciples, seeking to live on mission, and being a smaller family extension of The Journey Church.

GC’s gather together, regularly at various times and homes and in contact with each other seven days a week. We seek to orient all of life around Christ, by speaking truth to one another and being on mission to the area as collective groups.

Next Steps: How to connect with a Gospel Community?

Group Connect is a 2 hour event, aimed at getting you plugged into a Gospel Community! You will have the opportunity to connect with a group of people in a similar stage of life and/or a similar area of town. At the end of Group Connect, our hope is that you would continue as a Gospel Community (GC) with those you have met.

Learn More

We encourage all those interested in attending a Gospel Community to attend our Growth Track class. This class will help you learn about what a Gospel Community looks like and will provide some simple steps for getting you connected to the life of TJC.