I almost missed it all

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When I woke up this morning all was despair
even the very washing of my face, I despised.
To me there was a coldness in the air.
I wanted to give up.

As I sadly walked toward the tomb
I remembered no more the Words He spoke
for all things seemed certain for doom
the only thought was, how can I remove the stone.

Along the path, the birds sang their song of spring,
the trees seemed to reach toward the heavens,
and in the distant I barely noticed a peaceful spring,
then I noticed something, something different.

The lilies had bloomed, the white trumpets of glory
there in the early morning hours, proclaiming a message
that something new, something promised.
I was moved, and knew something was to happen.

As I neared the tomb, there was a soft and alluring light
the closer I came, the more I was drawn.
By now I had forgotten the tomb was covered by a stone.
I only knew that I was to behold a great sight.

Yes, I was startled to see two men
yet, not afraid, they seemed to belong there.
Speaking gently, yet with authority, they said,
“The man, Jesus, who you seek, has Risen!”

He promised us He would return
now I realized why the birds were singing
the trees reaching to the heavens.
Yes, this was a new morning
and to think, ” I almost Missed it All”.

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