I Found.. Enthusiasm

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We asked TJC attenders to describe in one word what they’ve found by coming to The Journey Church.  “I Found” is a collection of stories based off of those words.  Over the next 3 weeks be on the look out for our blog series, I Found, featuring some of TJC’s very own. Everyone is seeking Christ to fulfill something in their lives, this Easter invite someone to hear about the potential transformation Christ can have in their lives. Share the link below in hopes someone will experience Jesus as incomparably glorious.

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“I Found.. Enthusiasm – Mike Sherwood

When I found The Journey Church I was sensing a bit of unrest in my spirit with some unfulfilled mission that I thought God was leading my family to. Now, I understand that God placed that unrest in my heart to lead us to TJC.

After our second visit to The Journey Church, I commented to my wife that people seemed genuinely enthusiastic to be a part of worship. I also mentioned to a friend that it was refreshing to see a church that was so alive with a love for God.

We continued attending for several months, and I began to understand where this attitude was coming from. When a pastor has a deep love for his Savior and a passion for helping people to understand and grow in God’s word, as Erik Reed does, and when it is so evident that the music teams are intent on bringing the congregation into a spirit of worship how can there be anything but enthusiasm. As a believer, being apart of TJC and its mission to show Jesus as incomparably glorious makes John 15 come alive. If we abide in Jesus and keep his commandments we bring glory to the Father then His joy will be in us and our joy will be full. I think an accurate definition of enthusiasm would be “full of joy.”

I believe my wife has seen a renewed desire in me to make God the center of every aspect in my life. I have always been passionate about studying God’s word and teaching. As with all of us, I have natural ups and downs and probably wasn’t as intent with it as I should have been, but when you listen to a pastor and elders that have the love of studying God’s word as part of their nature, it becomes very infectious. My love for reading and studying has been rekindled and I am seeing God like never before. I am a sinner and I fail but I wish to live and lead with godly wisdom, as Ephesians 5:15 says “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise.”

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