I Found.. Home

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We asked TJC attenders to describe in one word what they’ve found by coming to The Journey Church.  “I Found” is a collection of stories based off of those words.  Over the next 3 weeks be on the look out for our blog series, I Found, featuring some of TJC’s very own. Everyone is seeking Christ to fulfill something in their lives, this Easter invite someone to hear about the potential transformation Christ can have in their lives. Share the link below in hopes someone will experience Jesus as incomparably glorious.

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“I Found.. Home” – Katie Weathers

Before coming to TJC, I had stopped regularly attending the church I grew up in. I found myself serving out of obligation and even the drive to church became an excuse for me to not even go. I was struggling with why God allows suffering and loss and found myself at a place where I felt like I was walking alone in my faith with a lot of questions and hurt.

Walking into TJC I knew a few people who had invited me, but immediately felt surrounded by people who poured out love, encouragement, support and accountability. I felt myself taking what I was learning Sunday mornings and applying it to every day situations. I wanted to continue being a part of a place that loves Jesus, and shows it!

People ask me why I love being a part of TJC and all I’ve found my self able to respond with is comparing the before to now.  The drive was actually a longer drive at first, but I wasn’t going to let it stop me from being around this family of believers on Sunday mornings.  I joined a Gospel Community, and my heart for kids has me plugged in with Kid’s Ministry.  For someone who never wanted to leave the country, I was led to fall in love with Haiti and what Gods doing there.

Being “home” I’ve been able to find a place to worship, grow, connect and love other believers that have become family.

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