I Found.. Love

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We asked TJC attenders to describe in one word what they’ve found by coming to The Journey Church.  “I Found” is a collection of stories based off of those words.  Over the next 3 weeks be on the look out for our blog series, I Found, featuring some of TJC’s very own. Everyone is seeking Christ to fulfill something in their lives, this Easter invite someone to hear about the potential transformation Christ can have in their lives. Share the link below in hopes someone will experience Jesus as incomparably glorious.

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“I Found.. Love” – Tiffany Jones

After a loss late in pregnancy, I was angry at God. Kevin and I had been out of church for a few years. I was raised in church and growing up I had a wonderful and loving relationship with Jesus. We had just gotten out of the habit of regular attendance and we were disconnected. We got pregnant 5 years into our marriage and everything was going well. We found out we were having a boy, and we were stoked. We started planning and imagining the future for our son, Grady. Then one day we went in for a regular appointment (30 weeks) and he was gone. We had to go through labor and delivery and left the hospital with a box of mementos instead of our baby. Growing up in church, I knew that God could save our son, but chose not to. I was angry and blamed him.

We were invited to visit The Journey and decided to visit the week after Easter 2008. I cried the whole time. I had not been in God’s presence in a while, and I was so upset with him that it was difficult to contain my emotions. I decided I would continue to attend and search for answers as to why we had to go through losing Grady. The harder I searched for answers, the more I found His love. We met some fantastic people, and we were surrounded by their love. TJC walked us through healing. I finally realized that all things work for good for those who love Him and it is impossible not to love Him when He loves me so much! We had 2 more miscarriages before finally getting pregnant with Cooper. TJC lovingly walked us through those losses, a difficult and terrifying pregnancy with Cooper, a 4 month NICU stay, and all the ups and downs of raising a child with some special needs.

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