I Found.. Faith

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We asked TJC attenders to describe in one word what they’ve found by coming to The Journey Church.  “I Found” is a collection of stories based off of those words.  Over the next 3 weeks be on the look out for our blog series, I Found, featuring some of TJC’s very own. Everyone is seeking Christ to fulfill something in their lives, this Easter invite someone to hear about the potential transformation Christ can have in their lives. Share the link below in hopes someone will experience Jesus as incomparably glorious.

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“I Found.. Faith” – Chad Hoffman

Faith is the only way.  We must have complete faith in God and what He is doing in our lives and to believe that no matter what darkness we face God will always be the light.

When I first started attending TJC, I was being faced with some obstacles in my life that really tested my faith and trust in God. I have been in court with my ex wife for 2 years over a mistake I made, and everyday my faith has been tested. I am a man of flesh, so I do drift but God is always there to smack me upside the head and remind me that my faith in Him is worth it all. I believe that God placed His only son on the cross for me!

Since joining the TJC family, my life as a whole has become more alive. I am happier than I was (who thought that was possible), and I look forward to every chance I get to see my TJC family. I continue to struggle each day but it’s easier knowing God loves me and saves me.

God has made the change in my life very noticeable to other people. I’m glad He has used me in this way and I pray He continues in making that change noticeable. It holds me accountable to making sure I live my life according to how God would have me live. It has created an opportunity in my life to share the glory of God and how having faith in God will always prevail!

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