Joy in Serving

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Weekend recap-

If you were away from us at The Journey Church this past weekend, here is what you missed:

As we enter our seventh week of our MY Year series we will be preaching over the 12 spiritual formation markers that we want our church to abide by. The seventh spiritual formation we talked about this past weekend was the following:

a Christ-reflecting joy in serving others, inside and outside the church

Full time server

One key lifestyle that should mark every Christian is the lifestyle of serving (Galatians 5:13). This lifestyle of serving is directed to two persons: God and others. It is easy for a Christian to be on board with serving God, but when it comes to serving others somehow ‘life’ gets in the way. Serving others can be looked as a burden because often times it will disrupt your normal plans and daily routines. When ones mindset looks at serving in this way, serving becomes obligatory and dutiful instead of pleasing and satisfying. This creates a lifestyle of serving based off circumstances instead of a lifestyle of serving period.

In other words, you are clocking in and out when it comes to serving instead of being a full time server.

This obviously does not mean every hour of the day you should be serving someone, but when someone has a full time job their job is top priority. It is the same with Christians. When we have been served by Christ, serving others should be our top priority.

He who is forgiven little loves little

In Luke 7:36-50, Jesus is invited to the home of Simon, a Pharisee. A woman, who the Bible refers to as a sinner, hears Jesus is in a home nearby and goes inside the house. When she found Him she starts to weep over Jesus’ feet and wipes her tears of His feet with her hair. Then she pours ointment onto His feet and the Pharisee started to question if Jesus truly was a prophet from God. Simeon did not understand why someone ‘like Jesus’ would let a sinner do this to Him. Jesus calls Simon out by telling him you invited me into your house without you giving me water for my feet, you did not greet me with a kiss, and you did not provide any oil for my head. This woman, who is a sinner, has provided me water for my feet from her tears, ointment for my feet, and she has not stop kissing my feet. After this, Jesus tells Simon, “he who is forgiven little, loves little” (v. 47).

Jesus is trying to get Simon to understand this woman sees how sinful she is, which is why she has gone to such measures to serve and love me. You on the other hand, do not understand your need for forgiveness, which is why your love and serving is little.

Motivation to serve

It is very simple. We love and serve big because our sin is big. Previously, we mentioned it is harder to serve others than it is to serve God but in reality, those two are the same. If you are serving others, you are serving God. It is a package deal. You cannot call yourself a server of God if you are not serving His kingdom and creation. Jesus makes it clear in Matthew 25:40 as He says, “as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” In other words, Jesus is saying when you love and serve others, you are loving and serving me.

Love and gratitude is the seed to joyful serving. This joy can only be produced when you are constantly reminded of how big your sin is and how big the debt Jesus paid. Jesus says, “those who are forgiven little loves little” (Luke 7:47). None who has been washed by the blood of Christ has been forgiven little which means loving and serving must be full time.