For the last year, we have been praying and planning for the launch of the Mt. Juliet Campus. A big part of our planning has been to ensure there is enough pastoral staff to shepherd and care for the flock at Mt. Juliet. Over the last several months, the Lord has been revealing that an additional staff member needs to be a part of that pastoral care at the Mt. Juliet Campus. After much prayer and counsel, we are thrilled to share Anthony Knight has accepted the role of Mt. Juliet Associate Campus Pastor. Anthony will join Jacob Scrimpshire and Brady Plunk on the pastoral team at the Mt. Juliet Campus. Anthony’s primary areas of focus will be Gospel Communities and Student Ministry.

Anthony has faithfully served in the role of Young Adult Director at the Lebanon Campus since he was hired. We believe his role as the Young Adult Director has prepared and equipped him to be more involved with overall mission of TJC.

A statement from Anthony:
The Young Adult’s Ministry has been a major blessing to my life. This was the first thing I have ever started from scratch, so you can imagine the lessons I have learned from this ministry. The past three years have been consumed with pouring into and discipling Young Adults and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. As I was desiring to change the hearts of Young Adults in this area, the Lord has been changing my heart as well. Over the past few months I have felt this tug to be more involved with the overall mission of TJC. Not only do I want to show Christ as incomparably glorious to the young adults, but I want to do this for as many people possible. God has been giving me this desire to place my focus in discipling people across the church! This thought has been circling my heart and mind for some months now and before I expressed these passions to the staff, they offered me an opportunity to go and be the Mt. Juliet Associate Campus Pastor. This position will allow me to be more involved on the very thing the Lord has been putting on my heart. After prayer with my wife Nicole and consulting with other family, I accepted this role and I am eager to take on this new responsibility. I know the Lord has given me this desire and opportunity for a reason, and I am so excited to be stretched and grow in a way that can only happen when the Lord leads your from one season of life to the next. I am thankful for everyone who has supported me in any way in the last three years of me pouring into this ministry.

Below you will find an FAQ for the Young Adult Ministry. Our desire is for you to have as much information as possible about the next steps for the Young Adult Ministry and Young Adult Gospel Communities.

When is the last Tuesday Night Young Adult gathering?
The Young Adults will gather for the last time on Tuesday, November 27th for the end of the year bonfire. This was the last time the Young Adult Ministry was scheduled to meet in 2018.

What will the Young Adult Ministry look like moving forward?
The Young Adult Ministry will transition into Young Adult Gospel Communities, meaning the Young Adults will no longer gather on Tuesday nights. The Young Adult Ministry already functioned in this way with Tuesday night gatherings providing a front door to the ministry. Tuesday night was not the primary means of discipleship. The primary means of discipleship was Young Adult Gospel Communities and those will remain active and vibrant.

Who will lead the Young Adult Gospel Communities?
Anthony did a great job implementing and training Young Adult Gospel Community leaders and coaches. The Young Adult Gospel Community leaders and coaches will continue serving in their roles. The Lebanon and Mt. Juliet Campus Pastors will provide oversight and support for Young Adult Gospel Communities at each campus.

How can Young Adults get connected to Young Adult Gospel Communities?
Young Adults can connect to Young Adult Gospel Communities during Group Connect events, during weekend services on the Decide Card, and online through the TJC website.

What will Young Adult Gospel Community leader training look like?
Young Adult Gospel Communities will mirror the Gospel Community model for The Journey Church. There will be three large group training sessions that equip leaders in self-feeding, disciple-making, and gospel shaped lives. There will be two smaller Young Adult Gospel Community specific trainings and at least one 1-on-1 training session.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
For questions regarding the Young Adult Ministry, please contact Anthony at
For all other questions, please contact Tim at

For His Glory,
TJC Elders and Staff


Young Adult Gospel Communities

The Journey Church (TJC) is made up of Gospel Communities (GCs) — a family of believers, on mission, who share and show the gospel to one another. In the Young Adult ministries we want to mirror this approach by offering YA GC’s. This is where a group of people will gather three to four times a month on their college campuses or homes throughout Wilson County.
We want to create opportunities for Young Adults to develop relationships and grow in discipleship and this is where it will happen! Learning who Christ is, Loving what Christ did, and Living as Christ did will only happen within community.