Pastoral Resident: The pastoral resident’s full-time role will focus on learning and experiencing the culture and responsibilities within a church work environment.  The pastoral resident will function as a staff member, but will also work toward development in their walk with Christ and their ministry gifts.  The resident will begin their time at The Journey Church working with a variety of ministries (Pastoral, Worship, Student, Missions, etc.) with the possibility of focusing on a specific ministry area later in the process.  The goal of a pastoral resident is for them to find and solidify their ministry calling and to begin working in the area(s) God has gifted them in toward the completion of the Great Commission and the vision of The Journey Church.  The requirements for this role include salvation in Jesus Christ, a desire to find their ministry calling, and the ability to collaborate with various ministries.  The term for a pastoral resident will be for one year with an elder and staff evaluation at the end of the term.

Pastoral Resident Application