TJC is seeking VOLUNTEERS to help us with the new Lebanon Campus renovations. We would love for you to click the survey link below and answer a few questions…all skill sets needed from demolition to providing refreshments.

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For the latest communication release on the sale of the Lebanon Campus to Cumberland University, please click HERE.

The Lebanon Campus is moving to new weekend service times beginning December 7th/8th. The reason for the change in times is for three reasons: 1. these are the service times we will move to our new location early 2020, 2. we want to begin enlisting our volunteers for serve areas during these times (in advance to moving to our new location), and 3. we want to get the congregation in the routine of the new service times. We believe this will help our move to the new location be much smoother.

The new weekend schedule, beginning December 7th/8th weekend will be:

Saturday — 4:30pm
Format will change in the following ways: 1. the location will be in the Studio, 2. there will be no kids or student ministry options, 3. worship will be scaled down, and 4. the preaching will be covered by different people (only occasionally Pastor Erik). Preaching will still follow the same thing happening on Sundays at both campuses. Communion will be taken each week.
Sunday — 9am & 11am
Format stays the same.


We will be at two Sunday service times in Lebanon beginning December 7th/8th. These will be our new times when we relocate. Yes, those services will be crowded with a lot of people; however, 1. December is usually a lower attendance month due to travel, and 2. we are only living in this situation for a short amount of time. Look at these weeks together in two services as Easter weekend crowds in December and January.

November will be SERVE month. We will begin enlisting for all service teams for these new hours. Those service teams will be the same as when we move over to the new location. The idea is that we are preparing ourselves now to make a great transition.

We are in the midst of some very exciting days. The countdown is on for moving to the new facility. Continue praying even now for all the things involved in that process.


A “For Sale” sign was placed in front of our current building and listed nationally on September 6th. A signed contract to purchase the building currently owned by West Hills Baptist Church at 1240 Leeville Pike in Lebanon was executed on September 8th with a close date set for January 15, 2020.